CBD Hemp Oil and Cream Stock Just arrived South Africa

Cibdol CBD Hemp Oil Hi Everyone it has been a long wait but all our cbd hemp oils and creams have arrived. Please order your stock at special prices HERE We have 10ml 2.5% cbd hemp oil, 10ml,30ml,50ml 4% cbd hemp oil, We have 10ml and 30ml 10% cbd hemp oil. Cibdol CBD Hemp Oil Creams [...]

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Cibdol ICCI Independent Test Results

Cibdol ICCI Independent Test Results: Consistent Quality And Safety in Cibdol CBD OilPublished: April 24th, 2017 Once again, Cibdol stands out from the sea of CBD oils available on the European market. Following the release of independent CBD oil test results by ICCI (International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute) in Prague, Cibdol was one of the [...]

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Payday 50ml and 30ml CBD Oil Blowout Sale

We are celebrating a payday blowout sale on our 50ml and 30ml CBD Hemp oil. Go to out online shop to see our amazing specials. Prices cut drastically with big saving's to be had. Get 5 for the price of 3 and 3 for the price of 2. Go to www.cerebral technologies.co.za/shop You won't find [...]

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30ml and 50ml 4% CBD Hemp Oil Stock Arrived

Hi all we are very excited to announce that our new stock has arrived of the 10ml 2.5% 10ml 4% 30ml 4% 50ml 4% so get yours soon before stock runs out. We are still running the special on the 30ml and 50ml 4% cbd hemp oil so huge savings to be had. Thanks to [...]

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CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs South Africa

For some reason whether it be environmental or dietary dogs are having more and more problems. Enter CBD Hemp Oil for dogs; more and more people are turning to CBD Hemp oil to treat their pets condition. If your pet has epilepsy CBD hemp oil will in most cases work to stop the seizures. If [...]

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