cbd hemp oil for chronic pain

CBD Hemp Oil for Chronic Pain

If you’re like me you probably suffer in one way or another from pain of some sort whether it be back pain, neck pain, joint pain or arthritic pain. My chronic neck pain developed into full blown migraines where I would sometimes have to be rushed to hospital. I lived from one day to the next hoping a migraine wouldn’t find me, but they always did and this put a great strain on my relationships because I was useless. So I started to take over the counter medication to manage the pain and codeine was my management tool. We all know how quickly addictions can happen and soon I was taking up to six pills a day because I was so scared of the pain, those who have serious migraines will know what I’m talking about.

So for ten years I struggled on and I had almost given up hope and for one last ditch effort I tried CBD Hemp oil for my chronic pain. I took it not expecting much at all but I felt it wash over me and suddenly I felt relaxed. I felt my posture change and my mood change. I felt different, not in a high way just relaxed and comfortable. I took my cbd hemp oil twice a day and my migraines started getting less frequent until I was having one a month from the normal two to three a week. The one a month migraines weren’t in the usual fifteen out of ten pain threshold but rather more like a five out of ten. Go to https://cerebraltechnologies.co.za/cbd-oil-alternative-medication/

We have been selling our cbd hemp oil for nearly a year now and we have helped countless people with chronic pain problems. People have found their back pain going away after a few days or weeks, arthritis pain sufferers have found their pain going away after a few days or weeks. Once I got a call from a woman who was very irate after two days of taking it shouting at me saying it doesn’t work. I told her to have patience and to carry on taking it for her chronic pain. I called back after three weeks and she thanked me profusely saying that all her pain had gone and she will be ordering as soon as her bottle ran out. I think it’s the fact that we have been taking these unnatural substances for so long we expect a quick fix rather than sorting out the underlying problem. We expect as soon as we take a pill for our pain to go away which normally does happen but the pain comes back with the very long list of side effects that comes with it. CBD Hemp oil has no side effects! I know it’s hard to believe but it has no side effects! If you are taking CBD Hemp oil for chronic pain you will discover it is not addictive in any shape or form apart from the fact that it gives you relief and you love it because you have little to no pain any more.

I have made it my life mission to bring this to as many people as I possibly can, google have banned cbd hemp oil advertising and so has facebook saying it is a prohibited substance which it is not or saying that it is a recreational substance which it is not. It is legal in pretty much all of America and Europe and also legal in South Africa. The person after cbd hemp oil for recreation is going to be one disappointed drug addict because it does not get you high.. not even a little. I have argued with them until blue in the face but have had no luck. Big pharma definitely has them in their pocket and believe it or not gumtree is also now an American owned company and it is also not allowed to be advertised on their website. Big pharma knows that cbd hemp oil could pretty much replace most of their drugs. NO I am not a conspiracy theorist I just know what I see from my own experience.

Try taking cbd hemp oil for whatever you are suffering with and you will be surprised, hell you don’t have to take our cbd hemp oil you can try any quality cbd hemp oil and see for yourself how effective it is and how it will improve the quality of your life what have you got to lose? It has changed my life and millions of others lives for the better.