CBD Oil and addiction

CBD Oil will help you with addiction

I am constantly amazed by this little plant. Just when you think you know what it can do it goes and surprises you again. There are more and more studies coming out about how CBD Hemp oil can help you get over addiction. In the United States there are over eighteen thousand deaths a year from pharmaceutical opioid analgesics and yet Big Pharma keeps pumping these out. United States quadrupled their production of heroin based pharmaceuticals since 2000 and thus followed a massive increase in the amount of deaths from over dosage and yet they are still allowed to sell these drugs and people keep buying them because they are massively addicted which keeps on perpetuating the cycle.


Now I am not knocking peoples pain because pain is pain and no one knows what you are going through so you take drugs more than likely drugs with strong opiates to dull the pain and then you get addicted to these drugs but the more you take the more you need and these Opiates start doing all sorts of damage to your body and your mind. Opioids are known to give headaches so you take more, then it gives you a head ache so you take more to get rid of the headache and thus the cycle keeps going and Big Pharma keeps on making money off you so it doesn’t much care. Opiates make you dumb and numb this has been proven. There is no greater motivation than pain and the need to avoid it. Please don’t misunderstand CBD Oil is not fairy dust


What CBD Oil does is help get you off all sorts of addictive substances. Please see links below to see how it does this as I am no scientist so they will probably explain it a lot better. So if you know anyone who is addicted and can’t get off or you are addicted and can’t find a way out try CBD Oil. Spread the word because the life you save could be yours.