In recent studies there is a lot of evidence to suggest that CBD Oil helps epilepsy patients overcome this debilitating disorder. The most famous of which is Charlotte’s Web which is a strain of cannabis that is high in CBD. I couldn’t help but shed a tear as the parents described the suffering that this poor child had to endure before discovering this miracle. She went from over 400 seizures a month some of them lasting for half an hour but as soon as she took the strain known as Charlottes Web they stopped. Please make no mistake that it is obviously not for everyone but tests have proven it to be effective in 80% of sufferers but the other 20 have noticed significant improvement in the quality of life.  please watch.

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Charlotte Figi (cq, age 7) with her dad Matt Figi (cq) in the marijuana farm that grows Charlotte’s Web in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Thursday, February 6, 2013. Charlotte suffered from over 100 seizure like symptoms and epilepsy before discovering a strain of marijuana that would stop her seizures.
Photo by Matt Nager

Cerebral Technologies carries a very pure CBD Oil which is Co2 extracted which means that there are no pollutants found in the oil. If you would like to do more research on CBD there are links below to help you. It is important to note that there are no established dosages but not to worry because you can not over dose on CBD Oil so experiment with dosages until you hit upon the right one for your child or yourself. If you or your child has a form of medical resistant or she/he has not been cured 100% by drugs this should definitely tried to improve quality of life.