Cibdol CBD 2.0 10ml 20% (2000mg)

Cibdol CBD 2.0 10ml 20% (2000mg)


Harness everything nature has to offer

When you need a significant boost to well-being, CBD Oil 2.0 is the perfect choice. Our improved formula not only greatly enhances the CBD you know and love, but it delivers a full-body experience thanks to higher levels of other essential cannabinoids. Together, these natural elements work seamlessly to support your body from head to toe.

The true potential of cannabinoids lies in their ability to work together. This unique phenomenon, known as the entourage effect, is why our 2.0 formula represents the next natural step in CBD oils. Greatly enhancing the levels of essential cannabinoids such as CBG, CBC, CBN, and CBDA works to boost the efficacy of CBD’s impact on the mind and body.

With substantial and consistent levels of supporting cannabinoids, you can experience everything the entourage effect has to offer. For an all-natural boost that comes with the backing of independent testing, look no further than the most advanced CBD oil on the market.

Our most advanced formula to date, CBD Oil 2.0 is ready to meet all your wellness needs.

How to use Cibdol CBD Oil 2.0 (2000mg)

Start by taking 3–4 drops on or under the tongue. For best results, we recommend repeating up to three times daily.

Cibdol CBD Oil 2.0 is perishable, so store the bottle in a cool, dry place after opening.



Experience an evolution in wellness with CBD Oil 2.0 (2000mg) from Cibdol. Using high-strength CBD as the foundation, we’ve added a greater complement of essential cannabinoids by utilising several hemp extracts. Blended with hemp seed oil for a natural taste, you can easily enjoy the full-body influence of the entourage effect.

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