Experiencing new places, meeting new people, and absorbing new cultures. Travelling is immense fun, but doing so with your favourite furry companion by your side brings the experience to another level. Taking your pet on adventures overseas might seem like a massive challenge to some pet owners, but it can actually be done fairly easily considering the right steps are taken.

Also, some owners might not have a choice. Certain pets experience such bad separation anxiety that they cannot be apart from their owners. What’s more, some owners need to travel with their pets to ease their own anxiety.

When travelling with a pet, preparation is key. Making sure you’ve made the correct bookings and purchased all the necessary items will make for smooth sailing. Bringing along natural remedies such as CBD will also keep your pet calm and relaxed, ensuring a more pleasurable journey.


The first factor to consider when travelling with a pet is, of course, where to go? Going on holiday with your beloved pooch is fun, but it does come with some limitations.

Firstly, consider the climate of where you might be headed.

A husky really isn’t well-suited to the heat of the tropics or the deserts of Egypt. In contrast, a tiny jack russell might not feel comfortable trekking deep into the arctic circle during the middle of winter. Research where would be a sensible destination for your pet.

Aside from breed, your pet’s personality may also play a role in deciding where is best to go travelling. A boisterous dog that loves to run in open fields and sniff around forests would easily become bored in (and potentially damage) a small city apartment.


There are many different ways to get to your destination when travelling with your pet. As far as restrictions go, a road trip probably comes with the fewest legal obstacles. However, pets can be transported to many destinations via plane. In some circumstances, small dogs can be brought with you on the cabin of a plane if they medically assist with anxiety. However, most dogs will have to be placed within travel cages and placed within the hold.

Although this might seem simple, there are many things to consider when choosing this option. Flying within hot or cold climates may be very stressful for your pet.


Another important aspect to plan for are pet-tolerant/friendly accommodations. If you turn up at your hotel or B&B without informing your host of your canine travel companion, things could really take a turn for the worse. Before you make a booking, ensure your host is fine with pets being taken along for the stay. Moreover, you could specifically book lodgings that cater to pets specifically.


So, your location has been decided, your transportation is sorted out, and you have a place to stay. What next? It’s worth putting together a checklist in order to guarantee you have all of the essential items ready to go.

One essential item is a travel crate. Investing a fair amount of money into a high-quality crate is important. It will ensure your pet is entirely safe and comfortable during travel, and that the crate will stay intact with items loaded on top of it. The crate will also require adequate airflow. You will also need to make sure your crate falls in line with airline regulations.

Travel bags can also be worn by owners with small dogs that get tired easily. Dogs can be put inside, like a little fur baby, and carried with hands-free ease.

Snacks and food are also critical to make sure your pet’s needs are taken care of. Anything from treats to some high-quality meat to keep their mind occupied will suffice.


The last on our list of essential actions is a high-quality CBD supplement. This natural compound has been shown in scientific studies to reduce anxiety within both animals and humans. CBD is a great tool to have on hand when travelling to keep your pet relaxed.

Cibapet CBD Oil is an easy way to keep your pet calm and comfortable during travel, and when getting accustomed to new locations. Each drop of oil is comprised of 4% CBD and can be administered with ease on a treat or under the tongue.

Cibapet CBD Pastilles are an easy and rapid way to dose your pet with CBD. Each treat contains 4% of the cannabinoid, along with vitamins and minerals. Keep in mind that although CBD is widely legal, some airlines or countries may not allow for any cannabis-derived products to be taken on board. Perform some research regarding the jurisdictions you’re travelling to/from beforehand to ensure you are following the rules.