CBD Oil and Epilepsy

In recent studies there is a lot of evidence to suggest that CBD Oil helps epilepsy patients overcome this debilitating disorder. The most famous of which is Charlotte's Web which is a strain of cannabis that is high in CBD. I couldn't help but shed a tear as the parents described the suffering that this [...]

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CBD and Cancer

Below are published papers on the effect of CBD on various Cancers General CBD as potential anticancer drug CBD inhibits angiogenesis by multiple mechanisms   The inhibitory effects of CBD on systemic malignant tumors  CBD inhibits cancer cell invasion via upregulation of tissue inhibitor of matrix metalloproteinases-1 Marijuana fights cancer and helps manage side effects   In [...]

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What is CBD

CBD Hemp Oil is basically the holy grail of plant based healing and therapeutic oils. Hemp has been used for thousands of years but was banned by America in the early 1900''s. They applied pressure on the rest of the world and the world bowed to this pressure. This plant was too good, it did [...]

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CBD Oil as an Alternative to Medication

A lot of people are starting to turn to CBD Oil as an alternative to taking hard core medication that have side effects where CBD Hemp Oil has no side effects. Hemp has been around since before time and before politics and big Pharma got involved with deciding our lives for us. Evidence goes back [...]

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Cibdol CBD Hemp Oil Suppliers South Africa

We are the official suppliers of Cibdol CBD Hemp Oil in South Africa. All orders can go through our website where we have amazing fast delivery times which are free. No matter what part of South Africa you are in we can deliver. Cibdol CBD Hemp Oil is one of the best CBD Oils on [...]

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